Agricultural projects

Agricultural industry projects

The UNEX Group realizes complex investment projects for the agricultural industry. Among some of the most requested are projects for the development of dairy and food product complexes (DFPC) that accommodate milking herds of 2,400 animals and upwards. Acting as the EPCM contractor, UNEX is the implementer of DFPC investment projects that employ unique German EkoNiva technology in Russia and ex-USSR countries.

Over the last 15 years, more than 60 such projects were realized in different constituents of the Russian Federation thanks to our strategic partnership with EkoNiva. UNEX not only manages turnkey construction of dairy complexes – at the customer’s request we are ready to realize projects, including export-oriented ones, in the milk processing sector

By employing our extensive experience and applying the innovative technologies proven in joint projects with EkoNiva, implementing our own solutions in the field of biotechnologies and agricultural digitalization (including AI-driven systems) and performing functions of the EPCM contractor, UNEX makes it possible to achieve:

  • a fully developed business model in the milk production sector, with guaranteed profitability of no less than 50%;
  • sizable risk mitigation as a result of the comprehensive approach provided by the EPCM contract;
  • soft-term financing of the investment project at a rate as low as 6%, over the period of 20 years;
  • government support of innovative projects in the form of non-repayable grants that may reach up to 50% of the project investment costs;
  • a saving of no less than 50% of the time on the realization of the investment project.